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Hot weather is here. Remember to place your water order by Thursday evening to have it turned on before the weekend.
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Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District is a leading irrigation district serving over 94,000 acres in the Yakima Valley. The district is the second largest of six divisions of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s Yakima Project. Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District comprises approximately 95 percent of the land in the Sunnyside Division and is responsible for operating and maintaining the conveyance and distribution facilities in the area. The district’s water supply comes from the Yakima River Watershed, which includes five storage reservoirs with a total storage capacity of 1-million-acre feet.

Since its establishment in 1905, Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District has been a critical part of the Yakima River Basin’s development. The district’s history dates back to the late 1800s when the Konewock Ditch Company and Piety Flat Ditch Company began diverting water to their respective lands. With its rich history and expertise in irrigation, Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District is committed to providing its customers with reliable and efficient irrigation services year after year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Water Rights are attached to the assessed land.  Assessed lands in SVID are obligated to pay for each parcel’s proportionate share of the cost of construction, operation, and maintenance to provide irrigation service within its boundary.  It is not a fee for water use.  It is an assessment against the land to provide the necessary revenue to enable the irrigation district to provide authorized services. 

You can send by mail to P.O. Box 239 Sunnyside, WA  98944 

 In-person at 120 S. 11th Street, Sunnyside, WA  98944 (afterhours locked drop box is available) 

Online using the Customer Account Portal 

Phone payment are NOT accepted 

Using your lateral and delivery information from assessment you can go to facilities map and find your location and then lateral and delivery boxThis will give you an approximate location of your irrigation delivery boxYou can also contact the office (509-837-6980) and they can give you to the appropriate supervisor using your lateral and delivery information. 

Orders may be placed by calling the automated system or using the customer account portalYou will need to know your lateral, delivery, and amount of water needed in gallons per minute (GPM), points, or cubic feet per second (CFS). 

Each parcel of land may have a different allotment and a different flow ratePlease contact the District at (509)837-6980 with your parcel number for the specific information. 

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