Water Rights are attached to the assessed land.  Assessed lands in SVID are obligated to pay for each parcel’s proportionate share of the cost of construction, operation, and maintenance to provide irrigation service within its boundary.  It is not a fee for water use.  It is an assessment against the land to provide the necessary revenue to enable the irrigation district to provide authorized services. 

You can send by mail to P.O. Box 239 Sunnyside, WA  98944 

 In-person at 120 S. 11th Street, Sunnyside, WA  98944 (afterhours locked drop box is available) 

Online using the Customer Account Portal 

Phone payment are NOT accepted 

Using your lateral and delivery information from assessment you can go to facilities map and find your location and then lateral and delivery boxThis will give you an approximate location of your irrigation delivery boxYou can also contact the office (509-837-6980) and they can give you to the appropriate supervisor using your lateral and delivery information. 

Orders may be placed by calling the automated system or using the customer account portalYou will need to know your lateral, delivery, and amount of water needed in gallons per minute (GPM), points, or cubic feet per second (CFS). 

Each parcel of land may have a different allotment and a different flow ratePlease contact the District at (509)837-6980 with your parcel number for the specific information. 

Assessments begin accruing interest November 1st in the year it is due and every month following until paid.  After 4 years of delinquency, the parcel will go into the foreclosure process and be sold if assessment and additional fees are not paid. 

Payments are applied to the oldest year first and must include interestIf interest is not included, we will only apply the amount available to cover a full year (plus interest)  and return the remaining. 

Yes, the assessment must be paid in full to receive irrigation waterThe assessment is due on February 15 of each year but becomes delinquent on November 1 of the same year. 

The District will not accept partial payments. 

To remove your name, we will need the name and mailing address of the new landownerIf you have this information, contact our office at 509-837-6980 or and request the change. 

Yes, a permit is required when crossing above or beneath any SVID facility, whether the facility is piped or open channel.  Permits are also required for any encroachment within an SVID right-of-way or easementThere is a fee associated with a crossing permit. 

Permanent structures are not allowed on easements or right-of-waysA temporary structure would need to be permitted. 

Contact the SVID Engineering department for the most current information when working around SVID facilities.  Setbacks will vary depending on pipe size, channel right-of-way location, etcYou can contact the engineering by calling 509-837-6980. 

The water right acres originate from the original water right contracts formed in the early 1900’s.  Once those acres are established, they are not reducedWater right acres remain the same, even as developments and improvements take place. For instance, road frontage has been removed from the county’s real estate acres but remain in the water right acres. 

Contact with an email through the Customer service tab>water qualityYou may call (509) 837-6980 and ask for the water quality department. 

A claim can be filed with the DistrictYou must provide documentation with the claim in the form of estimates or receiptsClick here to file a claim.

The District orders water from the Bureau of Reclamation at the head gate and needs this information on a daily basis to calculate the amount of water needed for the landowners. 

The District does not make water orders on the weekends, but is available for emergencies. 

There may be multiple reasons why this has happened but the most likely is the land was divided over many years but the original point of delivery remains the sameIt is the landowner’s responsibility to install a pipe back to the original point of delivery.  Please contact the District for details related to the specific situation at (509) 837-6980.

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