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  2021 Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP)


  Nitrate removal in surface-flow constructed wetlands treating dilute agricultural runoff in the lower Yakima Basin, Washington

  Alternative Bacteria Source Identification using Colilert/Quanti-Tray 2000 Test Method in Irrigated Agricultural Watersheds - Projects : WADOE C0900151 ; EPA-R10-08-OWW-WU

Water Quality & Conservation Update



   Additional Turbidity Graphs:

  Click here for Granger Drain Turbidity graph (2006).

  Click here for Sulphur Creek Wasteway graph (2006).

  Click here for Spring Creek Wasteway graph (2006).

  Click here for Snipes Creek Wasteway graph (2006).


   Related Topics:

Click here to learn more about settling basins and other water quality methods.

Click here for information about the RSBOJC Wetland Project.

Click here to learn how SVID irrigators have enhanced water conservation.

Click here for more information about the RSBOJC Water Quality Policy


Recent Drain Study Reports   

  Click here to read the RSBOJC Natural Flow Report (April 2006)

  Click here to read the RSBOJC Fish Survey Report.

  Click here to read the RSBOJC Drain Habitat Report (pages 1-48)

  Click here to read the RSBOJC Drain Habitat Report Appendix (data)

  Click here to read the Water Quality Conditions in Irrigation Waterways within the Roza and Sunnyside Valley Irrigation Districts, Lower Yakima Valley, Washington, 1997-2008

  Click here to read Water Quality Improvements in RSBOJC Irrigation Return Waterways, 1997-2008

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