Settling Basins


       One of the methods implemented to address sediment loading, a settling basin or settling pond, have become widespread across the valley as a quick and simple way to remove sediments out of return flows. Settling basins simply slow down return flows, allowing sediments to settle out of the water before the water returns to the irrigation delivery system or other water body.



       This graph shows the decrease in sediment loading over time in settling basins. Each basin's performance will vary depending on detention time, volume, and size. These variables will provide for varying results, but the bottom line, as evidence in the graph above, settling basins work very well removing sedimentation from return flows.  


       Pictured below is an example of an on-farm settling basin. In this application, return flow from the farm is collected in a settling basin (foreground) before returning to the irrigation canal (background).  


SVID farmer settling basin


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