Wetland Project

       Similar to how a settling basin removes sediment, wetlands are being tested to determine the extent of their ability to clean excess nutrients, phosphorus, and other pollutants in solution. 


RSBOJC wetland project cell just after planting   The wetland after several seasons


      The picture at the top left was taken a few weeks after planting bull-rush and cattails--a total of 40,000 individual plants. It will take several years for the wetland to establish itself. The photo on the right was taken mid-September 2002 and illustrates the amount of growth that has taken place over the past several seasons of growth. Once fully established, the wetland is expected to successfully treat up to 1 cfs (cubic foot per second) in water volume. Scientists began collecting statistical data during the end of the 2002 irrigation season. (Preliminary Results)



     The RSBOJC wetland has become a ripe habitat for many bird species including, American avocets, black-necked stilts, killdeer, yellow-headed blackbird and various duck species.



Bird at RSBOJC wetlands


Below is an aerial view of the wetland cells prior to planting. 



Aerial view of wetlands prior to planting



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