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       The Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District (SVID) is located in Yakima and Benton counties in South Central Washington. Click here for a geographic map showing the land served by The Sunnyside Division. 

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       SVID is the largest entity in the Sunnyside Division which encompasses all lands served by the Sunnyside Canal. The Sunnyside Division serves 94,614 irrigable acres and is comprised of Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District, two ditch companies Konowac Ditch Company and Piety Flat Ditch Company and five cities  Zillah, Granger, Sunnyside, Grandview and Prosser. SVID provides irrigation service to roughly 92,000 acres with mostly senior, non-proratable rights. The Sunnyside Division has, in the aggregate, 2/3 senior or non-proratable rights and 1/3 junior or proratable rights.


       The Sunnyside Division dates back to 1890 when the Northern Pacific Railroad began construction of the Sunnyside Canal. The United States Bureau of Reclamation (then known as the United States Reclamation Service) purchased the Sunnyside Canal in 1905 and by 1923 completed the project.

Fact sheet for Sunnyside Division.


       On March 10, 1906, the Sunnyside Water Users Association was formed to provide a liaison between the federal government and the landowners. On January 22, 1917, the Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District was formed to replace the Sunnyside Water Users Association.


       The Bureau of Reclamation operated the Sunnyside Division until 1945. Beginning with the 1946 irrigation season, SVID has operated and maintained its facilities as well as the joint use facilities of the Sunnyside Division.


       SVID is a governmental entity and is not privately owned or operated for profit. It is operated by the landowners of the district for their mutual benefit.


Our Directors Division
Kevin Golob 1
Paul Groeneweg 2
Dave Michels 3
Mike Hogue, Vice Chairman 4
Doug Simpson, Chariman 5


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